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Time Share Christmas Decorations???

Well it’s that time of year again, time to get out the winter clothes and holiday decorations.  Which of course means it’s also time for my annual reminder to use caution when going into those seldom used storage areas.  While our prized decorations have been enjoying some time off, various spiders may have decided to […]

Spider Reminder

For all the last minute decorators, like me, I wanted to pass on a reminder.   Brown Recluse spiders, as the name implies, prefer to hide in out of the way places that are not frequently disturbed.  What place could be less frequently disturbed than a box that’s only opened once a year?  Whether your decorations […]

Spiders In The Stocking??

During our annual “search and recovery” of stored Christmas decorations, our chances of encountering Brown Recluse Spiders increase.   As the name implies these spiders prefer undisturbed areas in out of the way places, like boxes in attics, closets or basements where we store Christmas paraphernalia 11 months of the year.    Wear long sleeves and gloves […]