It’s Quadruplets!!!!!

Over the past several months we have expanded our Mr. Bugg’s family with the addition of 4 local companies which we have purchased.  As any new parent is fully aware, the attention our new additions initially required has somewhat limited my “free time”.  In order to continue to provide quality customer service, non essential enjoyable endeavors, like […]


The final countdown is underway for the Building and Remodeling Expo scheduled for March 7th through the 9th at the Pelham Civic Center.    This event, hosted by The Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, provides an opportunity to see the latest in design trends and to meet the building and remodeling professionals who can make […]

Free Tickets!!!!

“Charlie” had such a great time at the February 2013 BJCC Home and Garden Show that we’ve decided to sign up for the February 2014 BJCC Home and Garden Show.  As an exhibitor we have 20 tickets for free admission we can’t wait to hand out!  If you would like to get some fabulous new […]

New Year’s Resolutions

The turning of the year provides a great opportunity for “turning over a new leaf” or making a recommitment.  At Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol we are determined to use this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to providing premier customer service to all our wonderful clients. While we are obviously on the right track, having won the […]

A Warm Welcome To The New Addition

Last month Eddie Swindle, owner of Mr. TechnicianTermite & Pest Control, decided it was time to retire… kind of.  Due to his long association with Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol he felt very comfortable joining our family and bringing his customers to us for their termite and pest control needs.  Eddie realized, in addition to termite […]

The Power Of Pink

Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol and our team of walkers were honored once again to share a very uplifting morning with thousands of fellow participants during the 2013 Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.  Inspiration can come in many forms, and on this day it came in the form of the color pink and the […]

To Pink Or Not To Pink …. That Is The Question

With this year’s Susan G. Komen “Race For The Cure” just around the corner, the big debate is …. do we all get pinked?  Part of this year’s event includes a lane where participants have the option to become covered in pink cornstarch!!  What a fun way for the Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol team of […]

Florida Is Sharing The Love …. We Wish They’d Take It Back!!

Many people may think they have suddenly found themselves in Florida after encountering swarms of “love bugs”.  This pest, usually only encountered during a getaway to the coast, has come to visit Birmingham and the surrounding area. Our recent invaders, fungus gnats, are related to love bugs, mosquitoes, biting midges and sand flies.  Compared to […]

Free Tickets For The BJCC Home Show!!!!

After meeting all his new friends at the February BJCC Home and Garden Show, “Charlie” was anxious to sign up for the Fall BJCC Home Show.  As an exhibitor we have 20 tickets for free admission we can’t wait to hand out!  If you would like to get some great new ideas for the home, […]

Why Mr Bugg’s Pest Patrol is Top Choice for Pest Control in Birmingham

Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. was established in 1980 as a one-man business and has since grown to a company of 20 employees.  A big part of this growth comes from the philosophy that owner, Mr. David Kellis instills throughout the company.  He believes in treating every customer with integrity and respect.  He expects all […]